Soy el regalo

El Don

Soy el regalo Caballito del diablo, endemic NZ Foto: Lina Marin El regalo Es la creación En si misma Es…

Pigeon’s Look

Pigeon’s look! Photo: Lina Marin Fun Facts of Pigeons 1. To lay their eggs, pigeons require company, another pigeon around.…
Male black teal

Male Black Teal

Quack quack! Photo: Lina Marin Male Black Teal, Pāpango (or scaup) are small, dark coloured ducks, with a distinct “rubber-duckie” silhouette. Commonly…

Californian Quail

Californian Quail Photo: Lina Marin Hello there wait while I cross the street with my chicks and my wife! Lina…

Tōshō gū Shinto Shrine

Tokyo through my eyes Photography: Lina Marin Ueno Tōshō-gū (上野東照宮) is a Tōshō-gū Shinto shrine located in the Taitō ward…


Photo: Lina Marin At the Zoo Wellington Zoo is home to a troop of 10 Chimpanzees, which is one of…

Blackbird Manu Mangu

Hey, human, Am I pretty, huh? Not more photos! I’ve done for today! Photo: Lina Marin Female Eurasian are brown Blackbird…
Labrador and Jack Russel

Los Amigos Peludos

Baloo human can’t you see I’m busy? no petting Image: Lina Marin Tu perro El inmejorable El gran amigo El…