The Elephant Queen

Elefante reina

I’m The Queen Elephant
Image: Lina Marin

I’m an ancient and giant creature, tender and loving.
Upon me are the marks of my ancestors,
Marks of love and wisdom, says the Elephant Queen.

I guide lives to find the path of water,
I am calm, by my nature.
If you clench your teeth and point at me,
You make me be the beast inside, you see,
Because you are the mirror of my pain
In front of the universe’s domain.

We must not keep our secrets within our tribe,
If we keep dirty secrets, we won’t thrive,
We are doomed to a life unhealthy and dire.
Elephants have no secrets, we don’t hide –
We shamefully expose our pain instead
Before the world with humility we spread.

While we exposed our frustrations,
Our souls under our young hearts,
Get candid and patient with the world.
Love is the root of creation, unfurled.
Our spirits laid bare for all to see,
The pain we hold inside, though we be
Gentle giants roaming wild and free.
Love makes us one, binds you and me.
Lina Marin

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