The Butcher Fish, Honoring Kim Jung Gi

The butcher fish

That’s how the world’ll goes
sketch: Lina Marin

Dear Master Kim Jung Gi, I’m obsessed with all your being. Your Light. Your artistic side is unique. Your tenacity, constancy, passion, love, jokes, smile, stories! your bare soul is into every single word you said and sketch you created. The simplicity in your eyes made everything absolutely stunning and complex at the same time. Master Kim Gi I miss you already! Just yesterday, I was speaking about your masterpiece, showing to my friends the prove of concept I composed from your master classes. I am beyond devastated by your early departure.

May your soul keep brighting. May the love confort all your family’s and closer friends. I’m sending all my love to the comics community in the world and his incredible behind the scene badass team. You’ll live forever with me!
Lina Marin

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