A ha moment 4

An A-ha Moment

A Gift From My Mami November 29 2022 at 5pm I got a gift from my Mami. A double face…
The great buddha

A Quest

The Great Buddha To quest for that blind faith, It has to make me cry. Until my bones and everything…
Enchanted forest

In a Blink of The Eyes

Enchanted Forest Illustration: linamarin You’ve never know what a day would bring you in a blink of the eyes. If…
Zì rú my inner dragon

Zì rú my Inner Dragon

Zì rú sketch: LinaMarin Imagine during a meditation that, You have a dragon eye in the left side A diamond…

Murfy mi Gato Zen

Image: Lina Marin Murfy my Gato Zen Cuando Murfy quiere algo, solo nos mira profundamente y agita su cola haciendo diferentes…

Silver Days

Video: Lina Marin The silver days Diamonds for the mind Reflection touch’s. Cold, rain and greens Moves the soul The…

Golden Days

Vid: Golden garden Golden days for the heart Sounds of the soul, The blossom of nature in its continuity. We…