How Animal I am

Photos: Lance Meynell

Today I am in a
Black and green
Canvas zone
I’m exploring
My blank days
I take my time and
Observe myself
How animal I am

I jump, walk,
Breathe and stretch
Like a monkey

When my words
Get stuck in my throat
I grunt like a moose

I do lots of grimaces
When I don’t understand many things
Also when is funny and cute

I do wowza and zoomies like a cat,
My husband and I
Say each other
To say good night,
If something is good
Or miau to express how cute you are
Or as a wise Japanese man said to us
When he saw our bag of groceries
Big cat
And we answered

Cats mood show me
How cool and versatile
Felines are
So I don’t become a bulk of
Flesh and bones

Between a zoo characters and
The sounds of my mouth
I can percibe how my DNA
Is marked by animals and
Everything else in the nature

At some way,
Animals are part of us
Animals also imitate us

From the beninging
And this is a special beginning
I see clear how a
Moose, Catwoman, monkey,
Elephant, lion,
Cobra, tigger, squirrel,
Rabbit, bird,
Bear and chihuahua
Wild wild
I can be

Sometimes is better to enjoy
The inner animals
Than understand the world
My zoo is a happy place to be
Lina Marin


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