Pigeon’s Look

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Pigeon’s look!
Photo: Lina Marin

Fun Facts of Pigeons
1. To lay their eggs, pigeons require company, another pigeon around. Sometimes breeders use mirrors to make them feel accompanied.
2. If you provide the necessary care to a pigeon, it can live more than 30 years.
3. Unlike larger birds, pigeons can fly almost straight up.
4. An adult pigeon has about 10,000 feathers.
5. Pigeons are the only birds in the world that do not have to lift their heads to swallow water.
6. They have the ability to see more than 26 miles away.
7. Pigeons are able to see colors like us.
8. They can travel more than 700 miles in a single day.
9. Pigeons are used as messengers.
10. This bird begins to reproduce at the age of 5 to 6 months and can continue to do so until 10 years of age.
11. Both male and female pigeons are capable of feeding their young.
12. Most pet pigeons have a common ancestor, the rock pigeon.
13. These birds participated in the First and Second World War, the pilots carried them in a cage, with the purpose of warning in case the plane suffered an accident. Today, the French, Swiss, Israeli, Iraqi and Boy Armies continue to use them for the same purpose.
14. Pigeons are generally grain-fed, but they like to eat fruit, vegetables, and seeds.
15. At Disneyland there are many lofts.
16. Pigeons make two types of sounds; the vowel and the non-vowel.
17. The adult pigeons are the ones that make the vocal sounds, they make them at the time of mating. Non-vocal sounds are characteristic of younger pigeons.
18. Younger pigeons have grayish wax, while older pigeons have white wax.
19. Pigeon nests are difficult to find, they are generally well hidden. They use small twigs for their construction.
20. The eye color of adult pigeons can be orange, while in young pigeons it can be brown or grayish-brown.

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