Blackbird – Manu mangu

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Hey, human, Am I pretty, huh?
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Photo: Lina Marin

Female Eurasian Blackbird – Manu mangu
Scientific name: Turdus merula
Females are brown with duller beaks. Young blackbirds are brown and look similar to females. Blackbird eggs are blue. Nests are built in dense shrubbery and hedges.
Garden stalwarts. Famous songsters. Familiar friends. These sun-worshipping earthworm feasters are regular visitors to gardens.
As the name suggests, male blackbirds are entirely black in colour. Females, however, are actually dark brown, with lighter brown streaks on the breast. Juveniles look similar to the fully-grown female but have copper streaks. Males have a bright yellow bill and distinctive yellow eye ring. Females have a duller, yellow-brown beak.
The myth says in folklore, a blackbird nesting near a house is a sign of good fortune.
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