A Quest For That Blind Faith

The great buddha

The Great Buddha
Photo: Lina Marin

A quest
For that blind faith
It has to make me cry
Until my bones
And everything else

I don’t know
If that’s blind faith
The truth lol!
If not?
What is blind faith?
Please, someone
Give me new ideas

My offerings
Are simple
And profound
Full of imagination
Love and Meditation

What I do comprehend
It’s the phrase I heard
When I was 3 years old

As it is on earth,
It’s up there,
In the sky

The offers are from
My mental, spiritual
Physical, Cosmic and
Universal bodies
My heart and my soul

When you give it all
Sparing no results
Not complains
The gift
Will always be

Like everything
That doesn’t
Make sense
On earth
When we lean
With love
Devoted to
The mission
Of healing

It is inevitable
To see
Break down
Our crystals in
Tiny particles
Of love

Of salty
That heals
That cleans

And heals us
From the root
When we get naked
Lina Marin

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