Second Quest The Inner Lion


Baby Leo
Image: Lina Marin

My Habitat

I live in the jungle
I also live inside the zoo of your heart.
When I’m in my best high
Recommended mood
My teeth jump ups and down

The trance

Just started,
My body start craking
Such coockie monster
I throw myself to the flow
Laughing my claws off

My pair of snakes

My cricket eyes’
Cry none stop
I shake my legs
Like a pair of snakes
My belly
Is boiling yellow
Like a warm fountain

The tempeture
Is keeping up
I roar and
Hits against the dirt
Because I am about to
In atoms of

My poop

I’am also very strict
With my poop
Up your hand
Who ever never
Though or speak about
Pee and poop?

I speak with my partner
About those issues
My other brain

If number two

Doesn’t come out?
Houston houston!
We have an obstruction
That shit needs to leave!
The one way or another
For once and for all

We’re one

At all time
He smells
My anus
I sniff his
We have our territories
We fight like zumos
With honor and respect
Of who of us
Posees this and that
We even discuss
Over my coat and his.

I’m a hungry beast

I fail
When I’m hungry
Of glory
Pure power

When I become greedy
That’s the dark side
Of my DNA
Popping up

That we don’t realise
How potent can be
Negative or positive

I want more

When I’m on
My highest mountain
I want more
Better and much more
My vision blurs
I confuse, most of the time,
Humility with the possession
Of having stuffs
And the generosity of giving it.

Who’s boss

I bark  like a
Small feral dog
To my clan
Who’s boss
How powerful
This lion is
I have the whole dirt
I dream in my life
My clan bows at me
Lick my ano

I’m no inventing
This shit
Thats the most
Disgusting  behaviour
Of my clan

My aunty the hyena

Not matter if
I roar like
Imbecile beast
Or if I laugh
like my aunty
The hyena
My closest mirror
My sister
From different

Follow me

Claims the king
Most of the time
I demand to my
Fans, friends,
Some relatives and

Their admiration
Bows and roars
To feed my
Fucking vanity!
My inner
Narcissistic self
This is a formula
Holding misery

I’m on the top

When my steroids
Spark like fire cracker
I feel awesome
Invisible, unique
I tell everyone
Who crosses my steps
I’m on top of the world!
Smelling my own stench
yum yum!
Glory in my crap!

A key to fail

I know, sometiemes
We’re blinded with
Our own bling bling

Every beast

Posees a light,
Not matter how big
Or small is the bright
One day my lineage
Will Connect
Their belly
With their soul

My clan stupidity

And reflect deep
Inside to realise
They are stupid enough
To keep suffering
They’ll see before their eyes
The real deal
That they are their own
Self destroyers
And also the owners
Of their qi.

A lesson

Leo undersrands
Intuitive intelligence
Won’t fail
Only make
Silly mistakes
Belong to everyone
Since our first
Breathe on earth

Your Quest

What happen is,
Each creature
Needs create the quest
In their own journey

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