New Zealand’s Flora and Fauna

Photos: Lina Marin


New Zealand’s flora and fauna differs from every other large land mass on earth due to its long isolation and uniqueness as a near mammal free environment.


New Zealand has an unusually high number of fern species for a temperate country and about 40 percent of these species occur nowhere else in the world.
Ferns have two distinct life cycle stages, one of which is dependent on water.

The fern plant with which we are familiar usually grows on land; it represents the asexual generation (called a ‘sporophyte’) and bears spores on mature fronds. Each spore is capable of producing a new plant, but of a different form.

Swamp Flax

Common Flax, or New Zealand Flax or wetland forest.

Pine tree

Not only are pine forests a haven for common New Zealand native plants, they are home to a number of endangered or threatened species.

Lady’s glove

Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is a common garden plant that contains digitalis and other cardiac glycosides. … Foxglove is poisonous, although recorded poisonings from this plant are very rare.
Source: Zealandia Ecosanctuary

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